Watch a microteach on YouTube and other YouTube resources

Considering how much time I spend on YouTube I can’t believe I never thought to type “microteach” in to the search box. When I finally did I was rewarded with some absolute gold.

This microteach features a catwalk activity and is a good reflection I think of the mildly anarchic nature of a microteach and how everyone gets really involved. This microteach on videogame art seems to be delivered to an actual group of students rather than others in the Ptlls group.

A lot of the microteaches aren’t for Ptlls or from the UK but that’s okay if you just want a general idea of what goes on. I quite like this Art History one.

Other Ptlls resources on YT include Lifelong Learning UK’s channel, The Tutor Pages channel and this channel run by a Ptlls trainer.

There are lots of resources about how to use YT in your own teaching:

If you have any other favourites or thoughts on YouTube and teaching drop them in the comments!

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