Assessor Award and Ptlls

Several people have been in touch about the Assessor Award who are either doing it in conjunction with Ptlls or thinking about it as an option. I thought it might be an idea to have a quick look at the qualification with a bit of background and further resources. It should help anyone who is thinking about taking it or just exploring their options.

The City and Guilds Assessor Award is the qualification for NVQ assessors. NVQ assessment is a form of educating but has many special demands of its own. The qualification is a level 3, like the lower of the Ptlls, so shouldn’t be anything anyone on Ptlls can’t handle. The award is generally offered at the same places Ptlls is as the style and content is similar. In fact the bulk of the course is from the Ctlls module on assessment.

Briefly, NVQ assessing usually involves going out to the workplace of the learners and working through their qualification with them. It’s not so much whiteboard and presentations as coaxing out what people already know about their skills and competencies. I had a brilliant NVQ assessor who made me realise I did things I had never considered as part of my skill set. It’s inspirational stuff. It is also a lot of paperwork, juggling a dozen learners or so and possibly over multiple locations. Fast paced, challenging but I’m sure very rewarding.

Like Ptlls you need a specialism and you usually need to be qualified in that to level 3 or as high as you will be assessing. So ordinarily you will have done the qualification your learners are doing, which is supremely helpful. You will also need experience in that field and it should be something you are interested in and passionate about, as with any teaching. As with Ptlls the course itself is more about learning the technical details of the NVQ frameworks and the minutiae of assessment theory and practice so is relevant to all disciplines.

Ptlls is not part of the entry requirements for NVQ assessing but as it is so versatile and useful it’s no surprise many people are happy to take Ptlls as well. There’s no doubt it would add greatly to your experience and understanding of assessing. And then NVQ assessing is a natural progression or addition for tutors with vocational expertise.

After the Assessor Award there is the Verifier Award which gives you first internal and then external verifier responsibilities.

There is more information on NVQ assessing and the qualification at the National Careers Service. In the spirit of a previous post check out NVQ Jobs and FE Careers for job adverts for NVQ assessors.

Hope that helped! If you have done the award or have any input you can leave a comment.

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