Complete a reflective learning journal after each assessment task

Don’t let the fact that this is the penultimate practical assignment fool you – this is one of the first assignments you should actually start doing. Notes on all the other Ptlls essays are also available.

Level 3 – Complete a reflective learning journal after each assessment task completed and / or session attended throughout the PTLLS programme.

Level 4 – Throughout the programme, complete a learning journal after each session attended or 7303 Section completed.

This is about showing that you know Ptlls is just a jumping off point, an introductory taster rather than the be all end all. And that you can continue to develop yourself and be aware of what needs to be developed. You do this via the medium of the “reflective learning journal”. A reflective learning journal is where you look back on your sessions and analyse them as a way of going forward.

Reflective learning journal

As ever the template is provided for you. You can make your initial notes however you like but the official form must be submitted at the end. This is Form 8 from your handbook which breaks up your journal in to three main sections:

  • The main points learnt from the section/session
  • How to develop practical skills as a result of the section/session
  • How to develop knowledge and understanding as a result of the section/session

As the title suggests you can do this for each session or each assignment (section). I assume then it is up to you to choose but you can always check with your tutor. You can imagine that this will be one hundred times easier if you do it immediately after each section/session. During the session itself you can make notes on what your tutor is doing, on the content itself, on feedback from your group and after the essay you can think about what you might like to learn more about, what gaps in your knowledge you need to fill, what you need to get better at and what you need to practice more.

It’s essential stuff and reflective learning is a hugely important part of educating and for your continuous professional development. As future trainers we need to be able to take responsibility for our own learning and it is quite possible your employer or further courses you take will require you to do something very similar. Even if they don’t I would argue you should anyway! In the future as well you may be asked to show that you have addressed the issues in your learning journal. Ptlls is too short a course for this which is unhelpful because it leaves a huge part hanging – actually implementing. The reflective learning journal isn’t something to be written up and then put away, it’s an evolving record of your progress and development.

Level 3 and 4

There’s no word count for this assignment and although the two levels are written completely differently there’s no real difference in what they are asking.

Okay! Hope that helped. Drop a comment if you have anything to add. All the other Ptlls essays are also covered, so check them out if you need.


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