Complete a summative profile and action plan

The final assignment! If you need any of the others check out the full list of Ptlls essays.

At the end of the programme, complete a summative profile and action plan.

This is all about summing up your Ptlls experience and looking to the future. It’s not a big assignment (and these are short notes) but is always worth putting some effort in to.

Summative profile and action plan

This assignment comprises of Form 9 which is in three sections titled

  • My overall development and strengths as a result of attending this programme
  • Personal statement: Where I am now, the subject I am delivering and what I wish to do in the future
  • Action Plan: What I intend to do now to help me progress with my teaching/training career and maintain continuous professional development

Your overall development and strengths is just contrasting you-now with you-before. This isn’t the time for modesty, either. You need to be assertive and honest. The whole point of doing the course was to learn, so show you have. The personal statement is a reflection on you-now: where you feel you are at, what you are specialising in and what you want to do going forward – your profile. The action plan gets more specific about how you are going to go forward.

Regarding the action plan: I think it’s okay if you don’t necessarily know what you want to do in the future. No-one is going to come checking. But it’s important to show you are taking this all seriously and are aware of your options.

My own example: I didn’t really know what I wanted to or should do next. I was a bit in flux and to be fair I don’t think my course did an particularly great job of talking to us about the future, they just kind of assumed we would go on to the next level or off in to teaching. My answer was a bit waffly and avoidy, which is probably why I got a level 3 for the assignment. If I were doing that now I would write that I wanted to progress to Ctlls, that I wanted to find some voluntary teaching hours, stay up to date with legislation – just to show I was taking things seriously and knew all the options.

It’s exactly the same question for either level and no word count.

Okay! Hope that helped. Drop a comment if you have anything to add. All the other Ptlls essays are also covered, so check them out if you need.

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