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Not all Ptlls courses have entry requirements and it’s something you might want to take in to account when choosing a course. If there are entry requirements they are generally GCSE C in English and Maths which is level 2 in English / literacy and Maths / numeracy. You’ll have to provide evidence, usually your certificates. Part of the reason for the entry requirements is that they are definitely required for any higher level courses and as an indication to the institution that you can work at the level of the course. It seems to me that most online or distance courses don’t ask for entry requirements whereas most location-based courses do – but that’s just my impression and not a guarantee.

Those newer to the UK and the English language may need to prove English skills at IELTS level 6.5. You can find out more about IELTS and all the sources below will also give you information about ESOL qualifications as well.

If you do need the qualifications and don’t have them some institutions may adminster their own tests. Normally though you will be asked to get the qualifications yourself. If you do need to or are just in general wanting to brush up your skills before starting the course there are plenty of options out there.

Local FE colleges run Skills for Life courses or adult education courses run by your local council will cover literacy and numeracy as well as IT and other skills for work. They may also have their own careers advisers you can meet with. The National Careers Service website gives you careers information and you can search for courses or you can look up your local Next Step centre if you want to talk to someone in person. Get On (now defunct) is another portal for accessing information about courses or you can give them a ring too.

Some online resources…

ESOL courses are covered by all of theseĀ under English skills.

So, I hope that helped! If anyone else has any advice just drop it in the comments.

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