Produce a session plan from the scheme of work

The second practical assignment comes straight in off the first and will be forming the basis for your microteach. Exciting stuff! You can catch up with the first practical assignment on producing a learning programme / scheme of work here as you probably need to get that one at least sketched out before you begin this.

Produce at least one session plan for a minimum of 30 minutes, from the scheme of work.

The wording is quite careful with “at least one” and “minimum of 30 minutes” so you should clarify with your tutor exactly what is required of you but I don’t know anyone who has been asked for more than that – it’s the minimum requirement by City and Guilds so why go over?

What is a session plan?

First things first. Much like the overall learning programme / scheme of work the lesson plan is just one of those sessions zoomed in. You should have seen the session plans of at least one of your actual sessions and I would recommend more to give you a good idea of what they involve and how the formats can be. You can also look at the session plan and relate that back to how the actual lesson was delivered.

Typically they include

  • Information about the session at the top: the date, the time, the topic, class size and the aim of the lesson
  • A breakdown of the lesson in to different parts or sections
  • Timings in the actual time (ie 9.45) or time in the lesson (ie 0:10)
  • Learning outcomes / aims / objectives for each part of the session
  • Learner activities, what the students will be doing in each part of the session
  • Tutor activities, what the tutor will be doing in each part of the session
  • Assessment methods for each part of the session
  • Resources needed for each part of the session

This is stuff you need to know beforehand so you can organise whatever resources you need, get photocopying done and so on. It should be referred to during the actual session itself as well. The timings especially help you keep on track during the session itself, knowing when to move on or if you are falling behind. It keeps the lesson structured so you don’t forget any parts or get distracted and waylaid.

Producing a session plan

Using the other session plans as templates or the template from your course documents you can see what kinds of things it needs to include. As with the scheme of work talk to your tutor if you feel you need to deviate from whatever template they have given you, it may not be set in stone and you should use the best tool for the job and adapt it if you need. If anything that shows you are really engaging with the work and you can discuss any changes you made and the reasons behind them in the review assignments later.

Just like the learning programme / scheme of work from P1 you can then start to build your plan and put it all together. You will keep coming back to this assignment, not only when actually delivering the micro teach in P3 but also when discussing it afterwards in P4.

Remember you are going to be using this for your microteach so think about the actual delivery. A common concern is which of the lessons from your scheme of work to use, being as you have six to choose from. Personally I went with the first lesson from my plan, as did most people on my course and it worked really well. Because you are delivering this to real people and need their input and interaction with it you don’t want to jump in at any deep ends. The group you are delivering to will probably be quite representative of your intended teaching group – new to your subject and just getting started. Obviously if you happen to be a group not of individuals but maybe colleagues from the same industry you have a lot more room to play around.

Okay! Hope that helped. Drop a comment if you have anything to add. All the other Ptlls essays and assignments are also covered, so check them out if you need.

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