There are several sites offering or selling the Ptlls assignments for you to download and submit. Whatever the language used, however helpfully it is couched as “an example” or for reference these are intended as plagiarism.

As with all plagiarism a major problem is that you’re not actually learning anything. And that’s what you’re doing the course for.

A big part of Ptlls is your own specialism and relating your practice and the theory back to that. You’re not going to find an exact match online, if you end up having to make big changes you might as well write it all yourself.

Tutors are wise to this kind of thing now. If you found the essay on Google all they have to do is type a sample sentence back in to find it as well. At best this is going to be highly embarrassing, at worst you are going to get thrown off the course.

Avoiding the need

The temptation of plagiarism comes with stress. Avoid it by planning your time and enjoying the work.

Don’t underestimate the time it will take to not only do the essay but the preliminary reading and research and the work afterwards. It could only be a few hours but build that time in to your schedule.

Get familiar with the essays and roll them around in your mind. Keep a notebook around to jot down any ideas you might have in an odd moment. Enjoy it.


Stay completely clean by reading up on your referencing system, most probably it will be Harvard. Good referencing avoids any accusations of plagiarism.